I am really happy to announce here (after I did it on the wmlprogramming list) that the WURFL project has the support of Antoine Quint (here and often posting here) to add SVG Tiny capabilities.

SVG is a new technology that is being added to the big browsers these days (testing in Mozilla, a early support in Opera, for example) and is a nice animation tool like Macromedia flash. SVG Tiny (simplified version for mobile browsers) can be seen while browsing or downloaded as a screensaver, wallpaper and for themes on a good number of mobile devices, already.
SVG is also an open standard so I hope more manufacturers and browser developers will add it to their devices.

As of today, according to Antoine, the support is good and does not present big differences except for a little limitation in the very first devices that did not have extra fonts and did not support hyperlinking. This is currently limited to 3 devices, so we all hope that all new implementation will give the full support to SVG Tiny 1.1 and above.