Where is MobileGirl?

I found MobileGirl’s blog a few months ago. She wasn’t posting daily, but frequently, every week or so.
I found about about Anita, the MobileGirl, reading on Russell Beattie’s blog.

It was nice reading her blog, most of the news sites I browse and the blogs I read offer a technical point of view. Most of the times are developers or written FOR developers.
Her blog is/was different. She had a “UI perspective”. She was not interested about HOW it had been realized and what the technical peculiarities are, but rather how it looked, if it was usable, if the user would have been satisfied and would have enjoyed the application.
It was a different point of view. Not so common.

It is sad to see that she hasn’t posted for more than a month now. Where is she? Anita, where are you?