WURFL: where are the CVS updates?

I haven’t committed changes to CVS for a while now. The last update is 5 weeks old, Tue Dec 27 17:34:25 2005 UTC, according to SourceForge’s CVS.
That is a long time for WURFL. If you were used to check the CVS regularly, you will know that I often committed about twice a week.

I just wanted to let you know that work hasn’t stopped AT ALL. I have a TON of updates in the works. Many are already considered trusted, in my opinion, but I have a few things that are stopping me from committing. While CVS should be a place to upload things “in development” I know that many companies use the CVS version in production.
The current XML is not safe for production and has some information that could be entirely wrong. Why? I received a few contributions that I need to check and, as we all know, it is often hard to find information about some devices and from some brands.

Don’t worry, A BIG update will soon come.