I am still here

I have been quite for more than 2 months and I have to admit I wanted to write this post for a few days now, but never got to do it. You would think that when a lot of incredible and great things happen in your life you’d have a lot to blog about. The reality is, in my case, that blogging went way down in the list. This is unfortunate, on one hand my blog did not get any consistent and interesting updates in quite a while, on the other hand it makes me wonder how important it is. In May, for example, I’ve been using Twitter regularly, then went on holiday and did not use it and when I came back I did not miss it at all. Now it’s been closed for weeks and still don’t miss it. Should I restart using? Yes? No?

I liked blogging so far, so I definitely plan on picking up again. It is hard sometimes to find interesting stuff to blog about and I certainly do not want to start simply re-blogging or writing about things I don’t think are worth. Also, it’s hard to keep up two blogs at the same time, especially since I wanted this one to be a technical one and now I’m also writing more or less regularly on dev.mobi.

So, don’t give up on reading this blog, I’ll write more! :)