About Andrea

Welcome to my personal blog. I have been writing here for a few years now and you might have noticed that I have had periods in which I have been very productive and other times when I have been slacking a bit. This is the result of my day-job that often involves writing blog posts, articles and about technology in general. As you can imagine that takes away a lot of the energies I would have.

I like the idea of a personal blog, something that is not influenced by any company or entity, something that really reflect what I think and what happens around me. For this reason I am keeping this blog alive and hopefully will continue to have the opportunity of writing.

Something REALLY about me, I am Italian, born in Milan. I lived most of my life in Milan and then started traveling the world. I lived in Ireland for about 2 years and 1,5 years in Finland. In 2012 I moved to Boston and now I am settled in San Francisco, California.

I love technology, internet and mobile devices, any kind. I am intrigued by the technology and the business behind it and what drive them.

Read the blog if you want to know more, or contact me via e-mail or Twitter.