Over The Air event report

Last Friday I was in London to speak about DeviceAtlas. My speech was actually called “DeviceAtlas Masterclass”, but I did not know exactly what to expect, of course I knew the participants would be developers interested in mobile, but what exactly were they looking for? 1 hour was the scheduled time, I prepared a speech that would take about 40 minutes so that I would leave 20 minutes for discussion. The speech was really an introduction explaining how DeviceAtlas works and why dotMobi decided to create it.

There were about 30 people in the class. Most of them already knew DeviceAtlas and already had their own ideas of what they needed. While the presentation was only an introduction, the outcome was very positive, in fact there has been a lot of interaction, questions and discussion. I think this really turned a speech into a masterclass.

The only real issue during the class is that it was interrupted by a Fire Alarm started. We all walked out and stood in the grass for a few minutes. Then back into the class-rooms and got an extra 15-20 minutes. Luckily the weather was very nice and chatting on the grass has been a pleasant interruption.

Will Apple share ownership of the webKit?

Android SDK has been released. There are videos that explain how the platform works and that the browser is based on the webKit. This was a bit of a surprise for me, I think I was not even considering that Google could go for something that is not Mozilla/Firefox.

Anyway I think this is great news and means that the webKit will keep growing and more sites will work on my Mac. Actually most sites already work, but sometimes I have to fire up Firefox or Camino, especially for AJAX-intensive sites.

Anyway, today, during Future of Mobile, I asked Dan Appelquist (another happy Mac user) if he thought Apple would let any other company take control of the core of the browser. My feeling, so far, is that Nokia is using the engine, but more in their own separate silo and not with Apple… And I have to admit this feeling is not because I think Nokia is evil and do not want to share, but actually because Apple wants to have full control on the browser and does not care to get changes and updates from Nokia!
Dan, on the other side, thought that Apple would have to let go a little bit of control on it so that Google and Nokia would get some space in the project.

Well, it looks like he knows what he’s talking about, see this post on Surfin’ Safari about Android committing changes to SVN.

Now I’m even happier.