Sorting User-Agent strings out

It is very common that over the years something gets more and more cluttered, until at some point someone comes in and decides it’s time to clean up and start fresh, based on current and up-to-date needs. User-Agent strings, part of the HTTP request headers, are no different and between desktop and mobile browsers, the history is long and the amount of text (some might say useless text) has just kept growing. I am going to try and write down what is important today and why.
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Google Analytics for WordPress for Mobile update

I thought about a possible issue where a low-end mobile device would have gotten the img tag in the head tag. Not good.

While I was editing the code I also improved the code segmentation part that in some cases might have sent incomplete data.

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Opera Mobile vs native browser on Nokia E72

Comparison between Nokia E72’s native browser and Opera Mobile by a regular user

I had a Nokia E72 for the last 3 months and I have used it on a daily basis as my main phone. Of course, this includes browsing. Since I spend quite a bit of time browsing and most of all I want it to be efficient and snappy, I tried the native browser first and what I assumed would be the best browser available for the E72 later: Opera Mobile.

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