Computer programming is NOT a hard work

Today my girlfriend and I went to start the big cleanings of the new aparment. If you didn’t know I’m going to move soon and the apartment is now almost ready, which means it is almost ready to welcome all my stuff. So now the tough part is coming: prepare everything.

Today we went there and started cleaning the balcony, yes because the masons used our balcony to stock all their stuff and now it was a real mess. We also had to clean up the terrain and the plants. It took about 6-7 hours and we skipped lunch. We are SO tired!
We’re also happy we did it.

We’ll see what happens, we will require the last mansons working in the apartment to leave it “as they found it”, which means CLEAN!

So, compared to my today’s work, I think computer programming is AS hard! 🙂

First post

So, this is my first post. I have known blogs for a long time and I always thought I didn’t have much to say. Not because nothing happens in my life, but because I don’t feel like I want to share everything with the internet and also… I wonder who would really mind about it.

On the other side, I found myself reading someone else’s blogs, mostly about technology and things I mind about so I thought I might start to write something myself and see what comes out.

What can do I expect from this? Not much, it’s more an experiment to see how it is. It might die in a week or live for a long time.
What will I write here? Mostly references to other news, thoughts about technology and things that I care about. I might also write something about what happens in my “real life” sometimes, but not so often.

This is it. First post is gone.