Off to a good start with the new blog

Yesterday I switched the blog server from Blogger to WordPress. Everything still seems already. Yesterday, just a few hours after the switch I had already received 4 or 5 spam-comments. Not a great start from that perspective, but luckily moderation is turned on and I quickly marked them as spam. I might consider adding some CAPTCHA or similar, let’s see how the trend goes.
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From Blogger to WordPress, finally!

Welcome to my new, old blog.

After using Blogger for more than 5 years and after developing WordPress plugins and sites for others, I thought it was time for me to jump on board. A lot of people are leaving WordPress, focusing on Twitter, or using new tools like Posterous and Tumblr. I like to be old school sometimes, and I like this blog and the history it holds.

So welcome to the same old thing. 🙂

Streaming video on the mobile

I thought I had posted about this, but apparently I did not.
Steve has started a blog a few months ago about video streaming on the mobile. It has a very noble scope, share his experience, exchange views with other developers and eventually provide to the WURFL project the information collected.

Steve did a very good job describing his test environment, encoding configurations and server configuration explanations. He worked hard on this and certainly needs some more attention. Hopefully this post can bring some more attention.

Check out mvstreaming.

Blogger pains

Mike Rowehl has commented negatively about Blogger (and my blog being here) more than once. Anyway he’s not the only one, of course.

I have noticed myself more than once, lately, that the site is very often slow and sometimes returns an internal error. Reloading solves the thing most of the times. It seems like some server clusters might have some problems.

The commenting system is not so very well designed. I found myself more than once not being able to publish a comment because there was an error in my message, but the alert was so tiny that I hadn’t even noticed it.

I had to hack some widgets and take inspiration from other programmers that built their own widgets such as the tag-blob and the comments widget.

I have considered moving to WordPress, but when the tags were added to the Blogger, I did not feel the need so much. I think the skins are too limited in their variety (they are mostly color variations), but I can leave with that.

Playing around with RSS has sometimes generated some problems to RSS readers and yesterday has been the latest demonstration of these problems. I added some tags here and there on old posts. Their date has remained 2005 or 2006, but they appear in the RSS as very recent posts (while they are not).

I’m sorry about this, and if you have any formal complaints, please, direct them to the blogger dev-team. 🙂