200 posts!

I was about to post something meaningful, but suddendly I realized that I have 199 posts online.

This is my 200th post, so IT HAD to be just an announcement.

Going for 500 now!

mobile web, make your own standards

Two days ago I posted about MS IEMobile and commented about the features they promote that are not based on any standard, but only on their own ideas and technologies.

Thanks to Jérôme, I found a link on Six Apart that promotes an alternative way to advertize mobile versions of sites. Specifically of blogs (as that’s their very own business).

If you read the article down to the bottom of the page, you will discover that actually this “technology” was already agreed to become a standard!
So 5 guys get together, agree on something and HEY, that’s a standard!

I didn’t think it would be so easy to make a standard. I wonder what the W3C (I know they don’t make standards but recommendations, but what’s the difference?), IETF, ETSI and other organizations are here to do. :)

Blogger Beta wounds

I’m pretty happy of the move to the new Beta of Blogger. Nothing to regret.

It’s just sad that my Safari browser crashes when visiting the articles. First time I got a javascript error, when reloaded the same article that was supposed to have a new comment, Safari crashed. :(

I’m still waiting for the editing aids for Safari. It should not be so hard to add the bold and italic buttons for Safari. That’s plain javascript, isn’t it?

Anyway, I just love the ability of moving blocks up and down dragging blocks within the browser. Sometimes this makes me think of when we used to write pages with notepad with HTML 3.2, gray backgrounds, <hr> to separate sections and that was it.
Very nice the ability to edit links to external pages with a guided menu.
All these features were really needed!

Labels are added manually, filling an text field. After you have at least once, while typing you get suggestions. Very useful to avoid typos!
How much do I love suggestions while typing? A LOT!

Blogger Beta

Recently Google/Blogger launched a new Beta version.

All long due update, IMHO, infact I was considering to move to WordPress. After a few tests (a smooth import of the contents) a little customization and a chat with my girlfriend… I decided to stay here.
It looks like Google was scared to lose me and all the hits that I bring, because they added most of the features that I was looking for, such as labels and better templates.
I am still missing some statistics. Would be good to know who reads what and so on, but anyway this is already a big step ahead and hopefully more features will come soon.
Would also be good to have a better integration with other sites such as Technorati and Company, but maybe the Google guys are not so keen at integrating with competing engines… Can you blame them?

So this is my first post with a label.