I started reading about a year ago and it used to be an LCD (lowest common denominator) approach for any device. A few months later they started offering a slightly better version for the iPhone and high-end devices, but really the main difference was that articles were not split into multiple pages.

I haven’t used it much in the last couple of months and today I had a great surprise. Accessing with the iPhone I found a completely new and custom layout. The new layout is far from an LCD approach it is actually a very optimized design for the iPhone taking advantage of the AJAXy capabilities of the webKit, but also keeping in mind the iPhone input limitations providing big buttons for fat fingers.
The new homepage and then the pages inside are very colorful and the big (clickable) tabs give you immediately the opportunity to choose the section you are interested into.

The design is (both in the iPhone and non-iPhone versions) focused entirely on the mobile context which is a proof ESPN understand mobile. From the very first moments you see the latest news and real-time scores. Again taking advantage of AJAX, scores are updated automatically every few seconds using a pseudo-ticker with nice little boxes with team names and scores. Very nice to the eye.

The non-iPhone version has also slightly improved from the version that has been available for a few months now.

The non-iPhone version is very light, but still very nice and is very usable on simple devices such as the Sony Ericsson V640.

Some more screenshots taken on my iPhone.

Real-time scores in nice boxes, scrollable sideways:

Latest news:

Section homepage (NBA in this case):


PS: I know the layout of text and images isn’t perfect, but Blogger doesn’t let me do too much without breaking all the standard markup

dotMobi acquires Mowser

The word is out, dotMobi has acquired IP from Mowser and will now be in charge of running the service.

There’s not much I can say that hasn’t been said already. James over Twitter, Miker, Russell.

I am mostly curious about what will the community say. It’s a bold move for a company that has been advocating “Build for mobile” for years while Mowser seems to come from the opposite direction. I think we have some strong ideas about how to use Mowser at best and you’ll see it happening quickly.

Working with Mike and Russell is going to be exciting (except Russell is not in Ireland, but I’m used to working long-distance!).

"Over the Air" event in London

Make sure you note these dates on your calendar. On April 4-5 there will be a very exciting event in London called “Over the Air“. We are all mobile mammals (read fans and addicts) and this event is really the place to be: the topics will be anything that has to do with services provided over the air. It will not be limited to browsing, one of the most common topics of dotMobi, there will also be Android, iPhone web apps and native apps, J2ME and more.

If you are in London it’s a must, if you are not, it’s probably worth to start looking for a flight and a hotel.

I will be talking about DeviceAtlas, of course.

See you there.

Mobile Search & Discovery at Mobile Monday Milan

This is the month of Mobile Mondays for me.

I will be speaking in Milan about Mobile Search and Discovery, something that we have been working on for 1 year full time at dotMobi. Did you hear about If not you should check it out with your mobile.

Title of the event if Mobile Search & Discovery, all the details are on the site. If you are in Milan, join us, Taptu and Pagine Gialle will also be speaking. Sounds like a very interesting event!