feature-free mobile devices

via Fierce Mobile Content:”The company [Verizon Wireless] also introduced a new feature-free handset, the Motorola W315, designed specifically to court consumers with absolutely no interest in mobile video, music downloads or any other bells and whistles beyond voice and simple SMS.

This confirms the two diverging trends of devices with more features every day and devices that are going to lose features and go back to super-simple tools to make calls and basic features.

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Motorola’s Parasitic cellphone

I just found this article on NewScientistTech about a new patent from Motorola.

In two words, according to the patent, when a cellphone is almost out of battery all non-vital functionalities will be turned off and instead of the standard radio chip it will use Bluetooth to comminicate with the network. SMS and other very basic features will be enabled. No calls, apparently. The device will use other nearby devices as proxies. Devices must accept to be proxies, of course.

I am sure many will be concerned about privacy and actually I would be concerned myself.

I can think of services in the city, by mobile operators, that would install little “bluetooth cells” to help you stay connected…. For an extra price, of couse!

Funny technology, anyway.