Il buongiorno si vede dal mattino

an Italian title for this new post which means, with a rough translation, “You can recognize a good day from the morning”.

Yesterday I reserved a seat on the train to Florence (from Milan) at 9:00 AM instead of the common 8AM because there were no seats. The train arrived with about 5 minutes of delay.
When we were half way to Bologna we already had about 15 minutes of delay AND we were advised that because of a failure we would stop for a few minutes.
When we arrived in Bologna we were 30 minutes late.

While on the way to Florence the train slowed down rapidly and stopped in the middle of a bridge HIGH on a little river. It wasn’t nice to be there, in the middle of nothing and 50-60 feet from the Earth.

We arrived in Florence with 55 minutes of delay and while in line to get a cab I remembered that these days there’s Pitti in Florence. Of course I forgot to reserve my hotel room. As soon as I got at the office I called the hotel and NO ROOMS were available. Thanks to Cinzia of our offices in Milan I found another room, now I feel better!!

All I need to do now is change my reservation for tomorrow (Florence to Milan) because I did it wrong yesterday! OH What a day!
Where is my mind?

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