Back at home

So yesterday the MWI DDWG meeting reached an end.
The second day was totally different from the previous, while the first day we talked a lot and discussed about what we should do and on what we should concentrate, the second day was focused on trying to write down the things we talked about and decide what should be written in the papers we will have to write.

Once again it was good to see the team at work and considering the fact that the documents could be read by anyone in the world, terminology was very important and sometimes a good amount of minutes was dedicated to picking the appropriate word.

The final line is that I really liked to be part of the team and I can’t wait for the rest of the work that will come. This is a great experience and I hope that great things will come out.

EDIT: I am a little in a rush, but I would like to write more on this topic, but I also have to catch back with the “normal work” so I will see what I can do.

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