Was it worth buying a notebook?

For many years I wondered about buying a notebook and I never did. Eventually about 2 years ago, I fell in love with Apple and bought a Powerbook 15″.
In the beginning I was playing with all the time, of course, but not doing anything serious. I had my own desktop at work and used the notebook to trasfer files at home, such things. In the beginning it hadn’t been really worth the money it costed, except for being a really nice toy.

Almost a year later I started a new part-time job (actually mostly during nights and weekends) and the notebook suddendly was NECESSARY. I could work anywhere at anytime, and when I got online I simply uploaded what I had done. I was mostly working from home, but then I had to go to meetings and to work with other developers so the notebook was simply perfect, I moved to other offices met different people and I always had everything I needed in my comp.

Now more than 2 years have passed. I have already killed 1 battery and bought a new one. I also “burnt” a battery charger and purchased a new one (of course).

A few days ago I opened my powerbook (it was nicely sleeping) and noticed there was some dirt near the left bottom corner, when I generally put my arm while typing… I was about to get something to clean it up and I noticed that it wasn’t dirt! I have used my Powerbook SO much that now some paint has gone away! I wiped some paint for too much use!


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