More Z107/Samsung Mobile Browser fun

Today I was testing some of my xHTML pages and noticed a nice new feature in the Z107.
I know this image sucks (out of focus) but still gives the idea. Take a look.

(I am really lazy, imagine to turn the image 90 degrees non-clockwise)

That is supposed to be a list of links but for some reason the Z107 moves the links a little bit to the right for each line. Why? I don’t know! How to avoid it? The page is an xHTML Basic, the list is contained in a div and has a little icon for each line, as you probably can see. If you remove the image the list is fixed.

Another thing that you can’t see in this screenshot is that if you have a link (an anchor) a “space” and a text, the Z107 will skip the space so the text of the link will be attached to the first word of the text after it (if you don’t have a br, of course!).

That’s all for now.

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