new J2ME in WURFL

The new group and capability list about J2ME is now ready for public testing. An updated XML was uploaded to CVS and you are welcome to test it (also note the new device info) and to comment.

I know the data in not yet complete, I’m still working to import all the information that was stored in the old format, but most of the data is in and thanks to J2ME Polish and Telefonica I+D we have a lot of new valuable info!

I need some more time to update the device info, but I still lack the “extra time” needed. Unfortunately we are late adding new devices. If you want a new device to be added and have the basic XML knowledge needed, please send the XML over ready so that I can simply copy and paste it into the WURFL.
Take a peek at the ruby tools that provide an easy method to generate the XML from a UAProfile.

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