An innovative keyboard?

Is this real of a hoax?

Take a look at this innovative keyboard. Every key is a tiny display (according to the FAQ an OLED display) so you can basically associate any icon and any event (a single keystroke or a combination) to any key on the keyboard.

Might be something interesting.

I wonder, is it worth? Will it offer a real extra value? Will I save time searching for commands in the menus and waste it searching for the appropriate key on my keyboard? Will I spend HOURS trying to optimize the key positions for games (do I play anything besides Puzzle Bobble and my pinball?) and softwares?

Maybe it could be useful for people that uses photoshop or similar, but in my case it would just be some geekness, most of the times I’m on the web, on a terminal or writing an email or a document thus I wouldn’t have that many keys to configure… But the colored icons with iTunes and eMulre are SO cool! 😀

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