IBM paying banners for outdated content?

I was reading my email on gmail and of course I get emails about mobile contents, development, WAP, etc.

I often look at the banners around the page, I’m always curious to see how well they are aimed and what are the keywords that make a banner appear. Sometimes I even click on them!

Today was a particularly lucky (or well aimed) day for Google and I clicked on 3 links related to the same email. One of these was about a software by IBM called WAPsody.

Here is the link:

But take a look at the contents. The screenshots on the right, the devices emulated. Was this page ever updated in the last 3-4 years? Still talking aobut the Nokia 7110 and Ericsson (NOT SonyEricsson) 380s? Still linking to the WAPForum homepage? Did anybody tell them that something has happened in the meantime?

I don’t mind if they don’t update their sites everyday, Alphaworks is a HUGE site and is almost impossible to keep it up to date and also, it’s good to have it as an archive and not search for an old article and read a “page not found” error. I wonder how good it is to pay for banners that link to an outdated software, or at least software description. Would you buy a software that was last updated in 2000?

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