Is sourceforge keeping up with the site growth?

Sourceforge has fixed many of the problems they have had for a long time such as statistics. They still haven’t fixed the CVS+stat problem. It’s been there for about two years and we’re still waiting for them to fix it. Will it even be fixed? Will they move to SVN and drop CVS? Maybe this could be a solution!

Once again, while trying to upload a new release (WURFL 2.0, of course) I had problems with the FTP server. The upload failed, now there’s an empty file on the FTP and I can’t overwrite it. This has happened about 3 times in the last months. It is happening TOO often!
I have seen other developers complaining, they generally send you a reply in a couple of days saying:”do you still see the problem?” and of course the file has been removed and you may now upload a new file! Shall I simply rename the file and reupload it? Can’t they fix this?

When are they going to develop nicer forums? The homepage graphics has recently been updated, but the rest of the site is stuck at 3 years ago!
Sourceforge is a point of reference, every single developer on the internet knows it. I know it’s not simple AT ALL to keep alive such a huge site, but I think it could be better… There MUST be a “half-way” between the current status and perfection…

Just a little rant. Please, go on do your browsing…

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