WURFL 2.0 is out!

So WURFL 2.0 is eventually out!
It took months of work and while the updates on the CVS were more or less constant, we did not release any “official” version for more than 7 months.

This has been a long work and while it might have seemed that we were not doing anything we have been really active. Being an open-source project and not having anyone paying us JUST for this, of course there have been weeks in which I have been more productive and others in which I could not dedicate the time I would have wanted to WURFL.
Contributors have grown in number and I keep receiving emails from all around the world with many different devices (that I often have never seen and probably will NEVER see!).

Applications based on WURFL have grown, certainly, otherwise I wouldn’t be receiving so many emails, contributions and new user agents.

WURFL 2.0 includes many updates, not only about new user agents and new device information (OF COURSE), but also a deep review of the j2me group. This is the part that took most of the time. We have received a contribution from Telefonica I+D that is now in charge of keeping the j2me group updated also with the support of J2ME Polish who kindly provides their device database.
Did you see a device in j2me polish that is not well described in WURFL? We probably could not associate the model name with the user agent, LET US KNOW!
Are you a j2me developer? Well it’s probably time to give another look to WURFL. The new capabilities should help you develop applications and develop download servers.

If you are reading my blog you will also know that we have also introduced new capabilities about SVGT. The support from manufacturers is growing and we expect many more devices to support this format in the near future. Flash is also growing in the mobile market and we have it too.

Are you all about downloads? New capabilities are there too. Please, let me know of new devices and of information that is incomplete!

Hurry up to download the new WURFL, make sure you update your scripts and softwares with the new j2me capabilities and report back!

I know it’s impossible, but if you still don’t know where to get it, go to the WURFL website.

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