Yahoo audio search

Thanks to a post on Julien’s blog (Italian only) I discovered the new “audio search” from Yahoo. Try it out, works nicely, too bad it directs you to payed downloads, but at least it’s legal! It nice that they provide the file format (WMA, for example) and the protection, such as if you can burn it on CD and pricing, of course.

Search page
About Audio Search

Does anybody remember The early days of file searching on the web.
Later it was acquired by Lycos, if I remember correctly, even if it was a project sponsored by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. At that time you could also search for “pirated” MP3’s, obviously they closed it soon, but the original idea was really good. Today you can use File Mirrors, but you can still find pirated files, somehow…

Thumbs up to Yahoo for also listing other providers of music and not just their own songs.

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