BitTorrent performance

This is jsut a quick post to congratulate with myself for getting a new DSL provider.
Forgetting about the *20* days that I had to wait for them to fix some problem in their servers (20 days are counted from the day they told me it should have worked, until it worked for real), I am now enjoying the pleasure of a 4Mbit download bandwidth.

Downloading Ubuntu was a good test, take a look at this screenshot:

As a non-pro-bittorrent-user I REALLY like Azureus. I don’t know if it’s the best, I don’t know if it’s the worst, I just like it (not only because it works on my mac). Did you see all the cool statistics? I can just staire at them for hours.
When I had a 2400baud modem I stood there, looking at my Zmodem (or Xmodem, depending on the BBS) looking at PKZip (200KB) downloading and uploading.

AH, I LOVE statistics.

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