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Yesterday I went out and spent some money… I have been thinking about these gadgets for a few weeks now and yesterday was the right day.
I bought a new, sleek Mighty Mouse for my Mac. My old bulk-unnamed-notstyllish mouse didn’t fit with the Titanium portable and the Motorola V3. I would like to remind that that’s an OLD PB, bought when 1Ghz was the top. This is important because the new case is NOT as cool as the old one!
Anyway, back to the Mighty Mouse. It’s really cute, of course. Like probably most of the users, in the beginning I didn’t really know how to use the two buttons. I think most of the problem is the fact that you don’t see them. One you get used to it it’s just normal to do it. It takes about 10-20 minutes, not really a long time!
Using the wheel is totally natural. I thought it was a mini-joystick like IBM’s, but it’s really a little wheel that can go in any direction. I mostly use to go up and down, of course anyway being able to move it in any direction seems useful. Maybe some application will be able to use it, I think they should invest some time in this.
Before being able to personalize the buttons and the side-buttons, you need to install the software and restart (I HATE restarting). Once restarted I was also able to personalize the actions. Before installing the software the mouse acts JUST like a multibutton mouse, when you install the software, it becomes a monobutton mouse. You need to personalize it. Since I OFTEN use X11, I configured the wheel to act as the third button when clicked.
The use of the mouse is pretty much the same as any multibutton mouse which is cool to me. That is what people wanted. Plus, it adds the cool Apple-design.
Through the prefs you can configure anything, the behaviour of the buttons the speed of the double click and the speed of movement of the mouse itself and the wheel. Really all you need.
Clicking the middle button is strange, because you click the entire mouse, but it understands it’s the wheel and acts accordingly.

Really neat.

The other purchase was the PSP that has just landed in Europe.
I should probably talk about it for hours, but I won’t do it, I’m sure you already read many reviews on the net (if you mind about it). It’s pretty cool. It’s small, it’s not heavy AT ALL, the display is cool and all the keys are very good. I have purchased Wipeout Pure. Very nice.
I configured the wifi to connect to my home network, but I could not play in multiplayer because I didn’t find anyone (too early?). I can’t wait to try the multiplayer!

That’s it.

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