HTTP errors

I just downloaded Firefox 1.5 Beta 1 for Mac.

I am really happy with it (tested for about a day now). The most important thing, as a Mac user, is the prefs window. It is eventually more Mac-style and most of all it’s lightyears faster! This was really needed as the old prefs window was really annoying.
Some other widgets have been made more Mac-style. That’s nice too.

Here’s a pic of the prefs window:

I hope no one @Mozilla will feel bad, but from the first tests I’d say that the rendering is the same. Not that this is bad, I am quite happy with the rendering engine of Mozilla, I would not use it, if I weren’t totally happy with it. You actually can’t do much better than this (maybe website designers should start doing a better job…).

Pages for HTTP errors has also been updated. I read some posts on mozillazine of people wondering what could have been changed. Well, the change is that you will now see a nicer page when you try to connect to a non-existing site, for example. Here’s a sample:

I have to say that I was expecting something revolutionary, but it hasn’t happened.
The Mozilla engine hasn’t evolved much as it is already GREAT!
Firefox is really satisfying too, a nice layout for a great engine. What else can we ask for?

With Firefox 1.x I remember that sometimes Google pages such as gmail or blogspot used to take a lot of RAM (and hog a little my little PowerBook) when I left them open in the background. Gmail keeps reloading and from a really high point of view it would seem that Firefox doesn’t cleanup the memory properly., on the other side, seems to use something in their blog-editor that sometimes HOGS the CPU.
All this happens on my Mac, I have no idea if it happens/happened on wintel or linux.

I will test more and eventually come out with an update.
As far as I have seen until now I’m pretty satisfied. gmail has been in the background for a few hours now and the blog-editor hasn’t presented any hog, yet.
We’ll see.

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