Google’s Personalized Home

Even Google has eventually launched a personalized home.
All the most common features are there such as headlines from “Top news”, feeds from sites such as Slashdot or Wired, weather forecast, etc.

While personlizing I noticed that all the requested “sections” were being simply added one after the other, divided into three main columns. I immediately wondered that it wasn’t the order I would have wanted them to be… But Since it was just a mere test to see how it worked I didn’t pay too much attention.

While editing the prefences of the single feeds (you may change the number of headlines to see, for example), I incidentally dragged the top bar of the section a little bit to the right (instead of simply clicking on “edit”). I noticed that the bar was following the mouse pointer… A little lamp instantly turned on over my head. I grabbed the bar and moved the section in another spot and magically the section was moved in another column and in the exact position I wanted it.

That’s magic!

Do you remember HTML 3.2, with all gray background and only <hr> to separate text?

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