Working at late night

Lately I haven’t posted anything interesting. I have been busy with work and real life.

Following the W3C WG’s takes time. You need not only to follow the mailing list and take part to teleconferences (I regularly forget and need someone to ping me!!), but you also have to read the proposed documents and try to make wise suggestions on how to make them better.
While this might have seemed something easy, I have realized that it does take time and since I’m not there just to look at others work, it is taking a good amount of my time (at least more than I had expected).

This made me think of about 1 and half years ago. We were working really hard to complete a project that had been started late and had a well defined dead-line.
The last 3-4 days had been crazy, working until late night (3,4 in the morning).
The very last day we worked until 7am, trying to complete all the features.

While it was REEEALLY stressing, it has also been fun. I really enjoyed that project and the people I worked with.

This is an “action shot” taken that night:

This poor girl was the DBA. She didn’t have much to do, except in case we (Developers) had a problem, but for some reason did not want to leave. She remained until 6am, I think. We were working and didn’t notice that she was sleeping… We wanted to finish everything and were really in a hurry. We were not being quite or anything, but she must have been REALLY tired.
I couldn’t stop myself from taking a couple of pictures.
She had a notepad open and was “writing” a ton of “g”.

She woke up a couple of times, raised her head and then slowly dropped it back down on the keyboard.

We had a few minutes of giggles.

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