W3C MWI meeting in Rome

Today is saturday. Last week has been a really busy week.
I have been in Florence (for my consultancy with DADA), then I woke up EARLY (6:00 AM) and took a train to Rome.
In Rome I had three intense days for the W3C meetings for the two WG’s. We first had a day of BP (Best Practices), then a day of joint meeting with DD (Device Description) and then a final day of DD. In the late evening I left to go back to Florence and do my day at DADA. I came back to milan on late Friday (the train arrived around 8:20).

The first two days of meeting were the most intense. We had many things to talk about and many different members of the group had different ideas. It was hard sometimes, and I remember Dan Appelquist (the chair) having a hard time sometimes.
The good thing is that it seems like most of the attenders were really willing to share their ideas and this will certainly lead to better results.
Many important topics were touched, but the most important thing is that we wanted to get the first public Draft ready. It is not yet ready, so you won’t see it on the MWI’s webpage, but it’s coming. We have agreed many different things and we will expect many comments from the community to go ahead with our work.
I am not an expert of the processes of the W3C’s WG’s, but I expect it to be ready for public review in a few weeks, 2 I would say.

I will not discuss the topics of the meeting and the things that rose most problems (problems meant as hard to decide which way to take) because you will see it in the draft and also I still don’t know how much I can “reveal”.

Anyway it’s really cool to be in a WG, especially as I an invited expert, so my company is not exactly paying to make sure that I’m part of the group, but rather Dan and Rotan (the two chairs) wanted me to be there, which is really great!

If you have visited the BP’s homepage you will have seen that we have a blog. I would like to dedicate some time to write an article, but if you noticed I didn’t even have time for my own, so it’s hard. Also, I would like it to be a good post… We’ll see if I can come up with a good topic to discuss.

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