Cooling down

We all know that computers heat up when you use them.
The recent processors take up more electricity and heat up more than ever. Intels do better than AMD’s, but they are not cool at all (while the old G4 on powerbooks didn’t even need a fan).
Overclockers are growing, sites about overclocking, modding and so on popped up like muchrooms in the last couple of years. The growth of this new way of using computers also helped the growth of “modding”, the art of modifying your computer and making it look nicer. You can add lights, put a window on the side (or use a plexglas case and make it entirely transparent), you can have neons inside the computer.

Cooling is probably the most important part of overclocking and modding. We have big fans running slowly and silently, we have smaller fans running faster. We have liquid cooling. There is everything you can dream of.

This is how my friend cools down his main webserver.

I have more pictures, but you really don’t want to see them! 😀

I imagine those modders that are probably having shivers right now.
I remember when I went to buy my first computer. I would have treated it like a tiny chick, moving it slowly, never shaking it, putting it down softly on the ground.
I went to the shop where I ordered it, told my name and the guy went in the back. He came back holding the computer on a shoulder with one hand and asked “where’s the car?” and we walked out and he put in the car as if it had been a piece of wood or something that would have NEVER broken… I was so SCARED that it would break up in pieces! 😀

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