mDevInf is public

Thanks to Jim McLachlan a new tool to access information in WURFL is available.
He kindly sent us an email a few days ago with a new version, but also improved it a lot in just a few days.

The tool is a Java GUI that lets you read data from WURFL. There is a lot of data to read so the interface might look a little crowded, but you really get access to everything in WURFL. What is so cool about it? That you can read a single device’s capabilities OR you might search for devices that have specific characteristics. I really can’t remember how many times I heard the question:”How many devices can play MIDI ringtones?” or “I have this list of devices that do this and that, is it complete?”.
Well if you happened to hear the same quesiton a 100 times, mDevInf is for you. Get it from the homepage on sourceforge where you will also be able to read help and see some nice screenshots:

While exchanging a few emails I said that I was going to install it on a few clients and the day after he came up with an update that lets you use JAva WebStart so you can install it on a server and all clients will download and use that centralized version. Why is this cool? Because when you need to update it with a new WURFL version all you need to do is update the file on the server! Jim also provided a test version from

Give it a try and you’ll love him!

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