jams.it, the early days of J2ME

A few years ago, 2002 and 2003, Bware Technologies, a company I worked for, designed a web site and a download server for Java MIDLets. It was really the beginning of J2ME and not many developers were into that field, yet.
A good number of java developers tried the mobile world and discovered that “write once runs everywhere” wasn’t entirely true. J2ME demonstrated once again how fragmented is the world of mobile phones.

jams.it was a free site where developers could upload their midlets (not very different from midlet.org) but also gave the opportunity to users (and developers themselves) to download midlets on their mobile phone. The site had a simple WAP version, users could pick a section and a midlet and download it.
This was particularly useful to test the Over-the-Air delivery system and demonstrated the high number of problems that each single device had downloading contents.

I eventually gathered all the information that we (Bware Technologies) and the developers on the site found in this nice article, “download issues“.

The archived version is courtesy of archive.org.

It was fun to find it and read it again.

This article and site also gave me the opportunity to virtually meet some VERY valuable Java/J2ME developers.

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