Simplicity and efficency: a J2ME application

Subito SMS is a web based service that lets customers buy blocks of SMS messages, import their address book (and manage it) and send SMS messages at lower rates. The service is all in Italian and is aimed at Italian customers, so sorry if you won’t be able to read the explanation on the site.
The important part of the service is, anyway, that you can buy SMS bundles at discount rates and send them from a web interface. This is specifically comfortable for people and companies that need to deliver many SMS messages, maybe the same text to many numbers. The web interface is all built around this concept: send many messages quickly.

We know that the success of the web is about being accessible from everywhere, but what if you’re on the move? Yes, you can use your Nokia Communicator, get on the web page, login and send the messages typing on your qwerty keyboard, but what if you want to do it quickly and easily as you do it on the web?
The answer is simple: a J2ME client!

SubitoSMS developed a J2ME client that connects using HTTP to their server, logs you in and lets you send your messages simply dialling the number and text.
If your phone or mobile device is MIDP 2.0 it also integrates with your internal addressbook which makes it really easy to add recipients. You may also specify a recipient that you have on your “web addressbook” which makes it really easy to send the same text to trillions of people.
When typing the text you may use T9 or iTap if your J2ME client supports it.

How do you install the midlet? Well, of course you get on a WAP site and download the midlet. How does the server recognize the device and decides if you are on the list of supported devices? It uses WURFL, OF COURSE!

The bottom line is that this application is really simple. 2 screens, login (you see it only the first time!) and the form to send a message. THAT’S IT!
Isn’t it perfect?

Oh, a little marketing add-on. They also have a FREE version that lets you send a limited number of messages for free (except for the internet connection costs) and you see a little tagline after you send the message. Something like “This message was sponsored by WURFL”.
Another tiny feature that adds a lot of value.

Good job guys!

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