Game addicted

A few days ago I wrote about Wesnoth and I wrote about how cool it is.
Well, I’m addicted.
I seriously play most of my free time. I don’t turn TV on anymore, there is nothing that could be more interesting than the game. I admit that SKY in Italy doesn’t offer much, but the game is simply too good.

I should be at the end of the first campaign. After that I think I will try the multiplayer version online… And get knocked a few times!

On the other side I tried to promote the game to a few friends, but basically they are all already sucked into WoW.
The only one who is probably even more addicted than me is Greta. She has lost any kind of “real life” since she started to play the game.
Should I feel guilty? My colleague “Cicci”, when I told him about Greta playing, started saying “oh, congratulations! You’re so lucky! I wish my girlfriend started playing WoW with me!”. 🙂

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