W3C TP 2006

I am currently in the beautiful Mandelieu-La Napoule (I hope I spelled it right) attending the annual meeting of the W3C, a.k.a. Tech Plenary 2006.

It is really great, there is this HUGE concentration of geeks all talking about really technical stuff. Everyone is going into their room and talk for a couple of hours, then they all get out of their rooms like when we went to school and head for the buffet, have a coffee and a croissant (of course) and then back to their “classes”. The funny thing is that during the breaks you get to hear this people talking about SVG, Web services, xHTML and everything related to the web and internet and the W3C.
Also, you get to meet SO many people. I was really happy to meet in person Antoine Quint who works in the SVG group and of course José from Telefonica I+D.

Everyone is really nice and happy to chat. You really get a chance to go to anyone in any group.

This is a great event.

I am really happy i had a chance to attend.

PS: I’m disappointed there are all these guys wearing Opera t-shirts and I did not get one!

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