Living (dis)connected

A few days ago I was having lunch with a few colleagues, about 8 people.
While chatting, a couple of them started saying that they were impressed because another colleague (also sitting at the table) every time anyone asked for anything, seemed to have a link ready.
“I need to buy shoes”. “Here’s a link”.
“I need to go to this street”. “Here’s a link on a maps site”.
“I need that document you wrote for that client”. “Here’s the file on the server”.

She said that she’s very used to search for documents on the server (and how they are organized in folders) and that she can find things on the web very quickly as she’s used to run searches on it.

The funny thing is that a couple of weeks ago I was talking to a friend of mine and he told me:”I was talking to this girl that of course has a computer and internet at work. I asked her what she does when she needs to find a phone number or an address at home and she said that she looks on the White Papers or the City Maps”.
My friend was really surprised that she doesn’t use her computer and connect to some maps site to search for an address.
Actually I thought about myself searching for a number and immediately thought of going on internet or maybe priting a map to go from home to some other place (as I don’t have a GPS).

Again, two days ago I was on the train travelling back to Milan, I was reading my e-mails and needed to visit a website to check something. Of course I could not, because I was not ON-LINE. It felt strange.. I actually clicked on the link, saw the browser open and then realized that I could not visit the site.
I am SO used to be connected that I don’t even think about it anymore.
Many people, on the other side, is just NOT used to this.

Feels strange the fact that I always consider to be connected while other people don’t even think they could be… Or don’t feel the need to have internet connection at home (not even a computer, actually!).

PS: In case you wanted to make a donation, please, get me a nüvi™ 360 with the European maps, of course

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