Bringing your broadband on vacation

These days I was considering moving from Milan to a sunny place like Liguria or Tuscany for the summer. Work from home and travel when needed.

This perfect summer plan seems to present a flaw: I live connected to Internet and I might not be able to survive for such a long time away from the ‘net. I could probably also not be able to work which would be a problem too!
A couple of usefule links:
definition of Addiction
Are you addicted to the internet?

At home I have an aDSL connection at a flat fee and I can use it as much as I want. Working from home is not a problem, I can access VPN networks, download and send big emails and browse as much as I want.
I would like to have something similar while not at home.

Finding a summer house or apartment with internet connection doesn’t seem to be so easy, mostly because most apartments don’t even have a telephone line. Asking the landlore to add phone AND DSL seems a little bit too much for a month or two.
I could try some Satellite provider, but I would still need a modem to send requests. Doesn’t seem very convenient as I would have to use a cellphone.

My last resort is going in an H3G shop and buy a PCMCIA with a somewhat flatfee (sorry this is Italian only, there is a similar offer in UK that you can see here).

Now I wonder. Am I the only one considering to do this? With all the new communication tools such as IM and Skype and the fact that most companies support VPN access… Why isn’t everybody working from the seaside?

Wouldn’t it be beautiful?

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