BREW grows

According to this press release it seems like TIM and Sprint are going to include BREW services on their networks.
Ok, the press release actually does NOT say it, but you will agree with me that joining a Qualcomm conference entitled “BREW Your Way” can only mean that participants have something to do with BREW.
TIM has never had this kind of services and my perception was actually that they never wanted to be “entangled” by a single software and solution provider. They have the Openwave gateway, they have Ericsson wireless cells, develop a lot of software internally, run Sun servers, run some services with BEA, some with Tomcat and so on. They certainly haven’t selected a single big provider.

It will be interesting to see which services BREW can provide that TIM could not provide before.

UPDATE: I just found another article about it and it much more explicit (but short)

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