Madrid Workshop

As I wrote before, last week there was a two days workshop of the W3C centered on the needs and the possible future solutions for Device Descriptions.

It has been very interesting. Many different companies that not necessarily are part of the W3C joined the workshop. This broad participation made it even more interesting because we have seen new points of view. Companies that do network optimization, network testing (not IP network, but radio networks) and of course they brought their experience, their needs and their ideas.

It’s been very stimulating as it was supposed to be, but I was surprised by the new comments that we received. It is sad that we did not receive them earlier otherwise they would have been in the Landscape document that the DDWG produced.

I wanted to write this article before, but actually the W3C report seems to already cover all the topics. You can also find links to the position papers, participants and even pictures!

It was great the Bennett Marks from Nokia could join us because he is the former chair of the UAProf working group in the OMA and of course had a lot of ideas to share. I also appreciate how open minded he has proved to be.

Other great comments came from Flash Networks and Zandan (totally new points of view) and from the new kids on the block from Mobile Phone Wizards AS.

I tried to give my contributions with some comments and a WURFL introduction, of course.

This workshop served as a way to understand better the needs of the industry and to try to create a list of possible deliverables for a second charter for the working group. This will need to be prepared, presented and hopefully approved by the MWI Steering Council and the W3C.

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