Apple computer, how reliable?

I am now an almost 4 years old Apple computer user. I have initially bought a PowerBook 15″ 1Ghz, then a PowerBook 15.2″ 1.67Ghz and plenty of accessories such as a Mighty Mouse, an iPod Nano and an iPod Shuffle that I got for free (thank you DADA!).

My first PowerBook immediately went to get repaired because my monitor was defective, all colors were messed. I got it back, but I haven’t even seen it, as the shopkeeper sent it back. The new monitor they installed was not installed properly. It took about 2 months to go back and forth to Netherlands and then to the Italian repair shops.

My Might Mouse was changed because the wheel stopped working after about 1 month.

My PowerBook 15.2″ is going to be changed with a new MacBook Pro because they can’t make it handle more than 512MB RAM. Works fine with 512MB freezes with 1GB or more. They changed the logic board twice and now I am going to get a new computer, hopefully. I would like to add that I called the AppleCare, they gave me a ticket number, called me about 10 days later to tell me that they tried again to fix it with the repair center, but was not possible. When I am ready (after backups) I call them they will come, pick up the computer and deliver the new one all for free. It took a little bit but seems like a reasonable service. My warranty is going to expire in two months.

Now here come the results to a survey about the new MacTel notebooks. 87% satisfaction is LOW, in my opinion. I wonder about the level of satisfaction with Dell, Gateway 2000, IBM or less known brands.

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