Blogging embedded

I just read from the Google Blog that is now embedded in a new SonyEricsson phone.

Very nice feature. Too bad that we could probably do this with MMS, but unfortunately they seem to be too expensive for people to use them. This should probably be a hint for mobile operators!

Some worth links.

Shozu, a client to upload pictures to Flickr and other web albums:

MobUp, a J2ME client to upload images, much like Shozu, but J2ME and open-source:

And of course, the long lasting “Peffisaur”, as the author calls it, “A Multiuser MMS Weblog community”. It has been offering web albums to all MMS users from around the world. If you are geek enough you can even configure your MMS client to use Peffis’ MMS gateway and avoid paying the MMS message (but you will pay for the data you transfer). Here’s the site FAQ:

Read the news here:

And the SonyEricsson device page:

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