Sony Mylo

Thanks to Paul for pointing me to a new site called Pocket Picks. There’s a news item about a new Sony device called Mylo.

More info about it directly from Sony. In short, it’s a pocket device that can get attached to Wi-Fi networks. Once you’re attached you can get on Internet with the Opera browser pre-installed, chat over Yahoo! Messenger or GTalk and listen to music streamed from online or your desktop computer.

Seems a lot like the Nokia 770, very nice gadget, but it is worth anything serious? Am I going to sit on the couch and chat on Yahoo! Messenger? Is that the whole point?

I still don’t see the real use of this kind of devices. MAYBE with Wi-MAX when I’ll be able to walk around and ALWAYS be connected.

The device is supposed to arrive in USA first for “only” 350$!
We’ll see.

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