Firefox user panel

I’m back from my short holidays (less than 2 weeks!) and of course I am reading TONS of emails and catching back with everything.

I also took some time to read news, of course.
A couple of weeks ago I took a survey. Actually now I discover they are a number of mini surveys, anyway they take about 5 minutes to answer so it’s not a problem. The survey is about Firefox and the usage of browsers in general.

The results of the first survey are now online. As expected most of the respondents were geeks, computer professionals and so on. It was good to see that most of them use Firefox (not a big surprise since the survay was mostly publicized on the mozilla sites). I am surprised, anyway, that almost 3% use Safari, which means that 3% of the geeks and nerds use a Macintosh.

Also, it was a relief reading that most respondents use their computer about 7 days a week and for AT LEAST 40 hours. I am not the only one then! 😀

So, go ahead and answer the next survey questions!

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