PHP 5 penetration

A couple of days ago I met with Julien. We talked about many things, among which, PHP. I remember talking with him about PHP 5 about a year ago, so I asked if he has started doing any work with it as I haven’t even tried it since it came out. He told me that he hasn’t ever used it for a real project.

Not that I read hardcore PHP developers forums, but I have heard of very few developers using it. We started wondering about the success of PHP 5 and why developers should move from version 4.

The conclusion was that probably PHP 5 did not introduce those features that make a developer move from a major version to another.

Today Julien sent me a report about PHP 4 and 5 usage, installed versions and so on. Take a look and you will see that servers running PHP 5 are still a big minority even if it has been released in July 2004!.

Seems like a big failure.

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