WURFL survey results

First of all thank you everybody for taking the time to answer our little survey. All the data that we have collected will help us to improve the project in the near future.

It was really flattering to see that more that 50% of the respondents think WURFL data deserves a 4 out of 5, 10% thinks it deserves a 5 and 30% a 3. This means that all respondents thinks WURFL is pretty good.
We know that in the mobile space there is a huge variety of devices, browsers and different capabilities, so not only is important quality, but also quantity. It seems like the respondents agree that we are covering most of their needs as the unsatisfied are just 5%, the remaining 95% is happy with what WURFL provides and 23% rate it 5.

It is interesting to note that most users download the official XML when it is released (54%), but then 41% of the users need to patch data with their own information. This means that probably WURFL could be updated more often and that these users should try to contribute more regularly with their data. In fact, from the open-ended answers, we can see that a lot of developers are too lazy or don’t know how to contribute. This is something that we can easily fix on our side providing better documentation about how to contribute and how contributions will be used, but we certainly need more support from developers that are doing their own device testing and being too lazy to send the data.

So, what are users doing with all this data? 91% of the respondents use the XML data, more than half uses the API’s that we provide and almost half of the users uses WALL (java 31%, PHP 16%).

And now the final question, who is using WURFL. Well, the bad news is that we can’t exactly say who is using it. The good is that the reason why we can’t say it is because everyone in the mobile ecosystem is using it, from site developers, to content aggregators, news sites, games developers (Java, BREW and online), and R&D divisions. It looks like WURFL is really covering all the bases.

You can download and see the full results here.

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