Opinions on the Mobile Web

The W3C and especially Tim Berners-Lee often talk about “One Web”.
It is great to hear them talking about the idea that the web should be only one and that everyone should be able to access the exact same contents indipendently from the language, region or medium used, wether he/she has any visual deficiency or any other handicap. We all wish for that to be true some day soon.

On the other side we, as developers, are facing problems to make this a reality. Someone believes that with a little extra effort we can do it well, someone else thinks that some barriers can not be passed so easily.

Barbara from Little Spring Design clearly states that the “Mobile Web” is not going to be part of the “One Web” anytime soon and provides a good number of reasons. She recently wrote an article named What’s wrong with the mobile web? (part 1).

Very interesting to read.

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