What is accuracy?

Part of my daily work for M:Metrics is about checking device descriptions.
Another part is to check what panelists selected as their device during our surveys (M:Metrics runs surveys in 5 countries in Europe and in USA). Panelists pick their device from a list. When they can’t find it, they have an input field where they can specify the name. As you might expect we have the funniest reports such as “looks like a Nokia 6600, with a blue cover, but I think it’s a Nokia 6230”. First thing I wonder when I read these is “the user has a list of thumbnail and names. If you look at a 6230 and a 6600 you CAN NOT confuse them!”.

Anyway, while doing some research I found this page on the Vodafone site.

Nothing too strange, except that the article is about the Samsung Z500V, but the picture name is Z140V. Which one is wrong?

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