.mobi developers’ site

mTLD (.mobi global registry) has quietly launched the developers’ site.

I have been waiting for this for a long time. I have been talking and chatting with Ronan Cremin and Jo Rabin (not to mention the activity in the W3C’s Mobile Web Initiative) for quite a few months. I kept hearing of features and contents they were developing for the developers. They made me dream about all the cool contents, but never let me put my hands on them.

And here it comes, it’s alive! (listen to the sound from Young Frankenstein). The site is free to use, this means that developers can benefit from all the contents they put (and will continue putting) on the site even if they don’t own a .mobi domain.

dev.mobi is now real. Feel free to register, browse, lurk and use the forums, of course.

Congratulations to Martin Kindler, a wmlprogramming member for the very good article on typo3 made mobile-friendly.

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