M:Metrics first Quarterly Web Briefing

A few days ago I posted about the two Web Briefiengs that my colleagues from M:Metrics would have made this week.

If you missed any of the two and are interested in listening to them, they are now freely available online. We have two formats provided, Windows Media and Macromedia Flash. This should make them usable on any platform.

The two briefings cover mostly the same topics which are MMS, video, mobile TV and mobile VAS in general. The EU briefing is about EU too and provides more numbers about the 5 major countries that we cover (Italy, UK, France, Spain and Germany). The US briefing is quite interesting because compares many figures between US and EU and gives some hints of what should happen in the next few months.

If you are interested, here is the M:Metrics Q3 Web Briefing EU Focus and here is the M:Metrics Q3 Web Briefing US Focus.

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