3 introduces X-Series

I just received an e-mail to view the webcast about the new X-Series from 3.

Just 2 minutes later I read from Tom Hume that 3 might be going out of business in UK.

I don’t know if 3 will really be sold and if Vodafone will buy it, but I can tell you I’m really looking forward to see X-Series. In two words, it’s a flat free subscription to access internet services.
According to the site you will have your standard subscription, whatever you picked and you will add X-Series on top of it. You will be able to call with Skype, chat with Gtalk, Y!M and MSN, watch TV with Sling and browse the internet.
This is all VERY interesting. I wonder what the flat free is and if the internet will REALLY be open.
There are only 2 supported devices. 2 high-end devices from Nokia and SonyEricsson. Why is the device required? I am a bit scared that this is another big marketing announcement and then, when you read the details written in the back of the contract you discover that it’s a flat fee to chat over MSN and not for the whole internet.
I also wonder about Sling. How is it going to work in the other countries? What are Mr. Murdoch and SKY going to say about this?

Anyway, if I’m wrong and it’s open internet…. Count me in!

The service will be launched in UK next month and in the other countries in EU where 3 is present early next year.

On a similar trend, Vodafone Italia has launched “Vodafone Infinity Fastweb” (news item in Italian here) that lets you close your fixed line subscription, receive calls to your old number on your mobile, pay a lower rate when at home (even if you effectively receive the call on your mobile) and use a real aDSL connection for internet (and Skype, why not?).

TIM and Wind in Italy both have mobile and fixed lines, what are they doing?

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