WURFL 2.0.3 is ready

I just pushed on sourceforge and on the main WURFL site a new wurfl.xml.

The new file is ready to download. It took a few months to have an update, but it was worth the wait. We added a lot of new user-agents and device descriptions.

Notably I did a lot of work with my friends from DADA to add a lot of information about Verizon devices. We now list all the approved mobiles have real user-agents for most of them and also list the unique id’s that Verizon assigned to them. This means that we also list those strings that Verizon uses with its MM7 gateway!

A new capability is also available that will tell you if an XHTML device also supports file upload via WAP. Very useful, isn’t it?

WURFL 2.0.3 can be downloaded. Take it while it’s fresh!

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